Evers After Season 1

Supercut. (this is part of the in world show. You should listen to the regular show to understand.)


Samamthy: Soldiers should be brave and strong and believe what they fight for. At the end, we were just a bunch of scared little kids.

Harolt: Sam’, you’re safe with us now.

Samamthy: Dad, you know I grew up here, but…

Harolt: You don’t ever have to go to the front ever again. This is your home.

Samamthy: So much has changed. Dad, I’ve changed.

Harolt: You’ll always be my little girl. Takes more than a cyberheart to change that.

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“In the 4th War, we lost most of Block 18 when the southern front collapsed. Meanwhile, I lost my heart and my squad. I rebuilt my heart, but it would take more than a pile of ruckscrap to replace Boomer, Jersey, Chuckos, Tepi, Sanni and the rest.

Now that I’ve found a way back home. I don’t recognize the place. Recalling my first steps back on Märchen Lane, I think know why: Home is where your heart is. I left mine on the oil fields and watched it burn.”

Random Old: You, you’re Samamthy Evers aren’t you?

Sama: Who’s asking?

Random Old: You don’t recognize me? Both of my boys are gone, and now you don’t even care?! You’re completely…

Sama: Heartless? Not for a couple of months, at least.

Sama: What’s this letter Dad?

Harolt: Unwrap it.

Sama: You mean Gurry Mason, son of the sheriff? Why did they say he’s watching us?!

Harolt: That’s his job now Sam’. He took over when his father left us. He does it for the neighborhood…to keep us safe.


Sam: What’s this letter Dad?

Harolt: Unwrap it.

Sama: There’s a letter inside?

Harolt: It was delivered after you left, in the mailbox the very next day. I kept it for you all this time. She said to tell you it was the first letter she officially delivered.

Sam: It says it’s from Teff?

Harolt: Before she left for her Post post.

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“Teff’s first letter. I made her promise that summer – Snow, sleet, and an early dispatch order couldn’t keep her away. I read the letter in our old clubhouse. She said she wished me well. Wished we could have said goodbye. I came back to find my home, but it seems like all I’m finding is regrets.”

Samamthy: It’s for my heart Bulp! I have to keep my blood circulation active!

Bulp: This will kill Dad if he finds out. Maybe you should have thought about that before you came back, like this.

Samamthy: It’s not what you think!

Harolt: I lost you down a foxhole once, and now I’m losing you down a needle too!

Bulp: You going to bring Mom back this time Sam?

Sam: Bulp!

Bulp: You know what? Don’t even waste your breath lying about how hard you tried.

Sam: You’re my brother! She’s my Mom too! Of course, I looked for her! Don’t talk about the front like you were there.


Harolt: “I feel like we let her down. Like we’re the ones who left her…”

Bulp: “Dad, you know that’s not true, she left us! She even took Mom’s old rifle when she ran off to the Mas wars!”

Harolt: “We wrote her off, Bulp. Just like we did her mother…before they even delivered her flowers. How could we…”

(both gasp)

Harolt: “Samamthy, we didn’t hear you.”

Samamthy: “I cant take this anymore – I’m leaving.”

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“They say you can’t go home again, so I guess you can’t leave it behind again either. I found that out the hard way – between the front and 809 Märchen Lane, I was running out of homes.

Thinking back to my childhood on the block, to better times: the neighborhood seemed so alive. There was Mom, Dad and Bulp. 809, we had a tire swing in the front yard everyone was always swinging on. Across the street was old Mz Pigklesworth, who made the most fantastic brownies. Gurry and his father, the sheriff, lived in severe old ranch style at 811. Teff and her family at 807. Her brothers and sisters were older, but Teff and I were fast friends as far back as I can remember.

But that was before we knew about the war. Before all our lives changed forever. It doesn’t feel real to be leaving again. But like they say…’you can’t leave home again.’ “

Sam: Dad! I didn’t know you were still awake

Harolt: Put the gun back, Sam’a.

Younger Bulp: Are you bringing Mom back sis?

Sounds/Dialogue of Children Playing drowned out by air raid sirens.

Harolt: Where will you go?

Samamthy: I don’t know…

Harolt: Anywhere but the front, please, Sam, please, promise me. Don’t follow your mother.


Harolt: You know you’re welcome at home, Sam. There’s no need to go to all this trouble.

Sam: I know Dad. But don’t you think I’m a little old for princess curtains and a single bed?

Harolt: It was good enough for you when you were 12!

Sam: (laughs) Dad! I just need a little time to clear my head and space to stretch my legs.

Harolt: I thought it was cozy with you and Bulp here. (sigh) Well, if you’re sure, make time to visit.

Sam: I’m just next door! (pause) Dad, I think I’m going to like it here, Teff’s old house holds some good memories.

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“What the next best thing to your childhood home? Moving into the house next door. Reminiscing was nice, but I was ready to get accustomed to this new version of the neighborhood. So, imagine my surprise when the girl next door came knocking”

Teff: “MOM! Mom! I’m back from wartime! Wait…Sam? Is that really?”

Samamthy: “Teff? You’re supposed to be stationed with the Postal Corp?”


Teff: Gurry.

Gurry: I didn’t know you’d been returned from wartime.

Teff: You’d know if you’d been there. Some of you never returns.

Gurry: Thought I’d bring a housewarming gift over.

Sam: That’s very thoughtful

Gurry: A thought, and also a warning.


Teff: Was it worth it?

Samamthy: Sometimes wonder what good we did out there Teff. We’ve lost so much.

Teff: And so many good people…I’m not sure we’ll know.

Sam: It’s like we’re right back where we started.

Teff: At least we’re home.

Sam: Well, I’m home…you need to find a place to stay, and it’s not going to be my couch, Missy!

(Both laugh. Sam probably throws a pillow because I associate the CW w/ a disproportionate amount of pillow throwing.)

Next Time on Evers After:

“Showers of hot water and not bullets. Trenches replaced by drainage ditches. Barbed wire with white picket fences. This didn’t feel like home. But for the first time in years, it felt normal.”

Teff: something to cheer you up, Sam!

Sam: I don’t get it – what’s this? A key?

Teff: To the old Peddingcoat place.

Sam: 805! Next door?

Teff: Just like old times, neighbor!


Bulp: You promised you’d bring Mom home!


Sam: I can take it. How long do we have?

Teff: The front’s still moving. At this rate – a month tops.

Sam: And the neighborhood?

Gurry: They’ll have to start picking sides

Sam: Looks like some of them have a head start.

Gurry: No it looks like you have a head start.


Teff: You’ve gotta stop the injections, Sam. They’ll only help for so long. Believe me, I know.


Harolt: I’m sorry, Sam’a. I don’t know what’s gotten into him.

Sam: Before I left, the first time, I made him a promise.

Harolt: He’s been difficult since you and your mother left.

Sam: I can see that.

Harolt: Was the promise about your mother?

Sam: Yeah.

Harolt: Bulp always idolized her. You bringing her back was his last hope. Now, he’s angry and lashing out.

Sam: I just hope no one else gets caught up in the lashes.

Next Time on Evers After

Sam “These days I’m in a whole new war. I’ve fought on the lines for so long – sometimes I forget that bullets don’t always come from across a battlefield. I hope I don’t lose my heart on this scarred piece of dirt, like I did on the last one.”

Sam: Heard you talked someone into selling you 806, Gurry.

Gurry: It’s part of my job to keep an eye on the neighborhood half cyborg.

Sam: You moved just to watch me gurry? I think you’re getting a crush.

Gurry: This is my block, my responsibility.

Sam: (scoffs) Responsibility? Expanding your vocabulary, Gurry?

Gurry: It’s not your war. I’m here to make sure it stays that way.

Bulp: Gurry, it’s too late to try something like this.

Gurry: Do you care about what’s left of your neighborhood or not? Samamthy left us. She came back different.

Bulp: But it’s not right.

Gurry: What’s not right is how your sister turned herself into a monster.


Teff: More eggs on the siding? Didn’t we clean this off this morning?

Sam: I never thought I’d see the day Märchen Lane turned on its own.

Teff: You couldn’t have. I dont think they even remember what “their own” is anymore.

Sam: All they see now is the metal and wires. Like they don’t see the real me.

Teff: I still do. I see you now. And I never want to stop. Evers.

Next Time on Evers After:

“I left the war, but it seems like it’s not done with me. First it took my squad, now it’s trying to take my family. I say I’ve lost enough. I won’t let it take any more!”

Bulp: I can’t let you hurt them anymore Sam. The front is too close, there’s too much at stake.

Sam: You’re my brother! We’re family.

Bulp: I’m doing it for Dad!


Gurry: You think you’re a real good hero, huh? Why couldn’t you have done us all a favor and died like one?

Samamthy: Never was very good at dying, Gurry.

Gurry: That’s a shame, a real shame and you could have saved your father some real shame too.


Samamthy: That was a long time ago Teff. We were just kids.

Teff: This can be like it was before. This was never our fight anyway. Do you remember? What we promised? It can still be like we wanted. A life!


Gurry: This is so simple – you couldn’t follow a single rule! No wonder you lost the block!

Samamthy: You leave my squad out of this Gurry. They aren’t here to defend themselves, but hex it I am!

Gurry: This. isn’t. Your. war.  And I’ll have you running over the pickets the second you make a funny move. My home, my people not yours. You made sure of that when you crossed the line the first time. I won’t stand by and watch you do it a second.


[Summary of Episode: Reveal!!!: Bulp has been inciting neighborhood retaliation against Sam. Teff confronts him, he says he was protecting his mom from Sam – trying to run Sam off. Later Sam’s Mom then Sam have ally the exact same confrontation. Sam’s confrontation is interrupted by an announcement of a Big Bomb in the center of town. “Don’t think you’re off the hook, Bulp”]

Sam: This heart doesn’t make me a robot any more than Mom’s gun makes you a soldier, Bulp.

Bulp: I didn’t know!

Sam: Because you weren’t there!

Teff: Sam, you’ve gotta come quick!

Sam: What is it?!

Teff: It’s in the manhole. Right under our feet. A big bomb. Big enough to wipe Märchen Lane off the map.

Sam: Don’t think that means you’re off the hexing hook Bulp! Let’s go.

Next Week, the riveting season finale to the smash hit of the year “Evers After.” The stakes are high and so is the star power with a special Guest appearance by acclaimed actor/entrepreneur Blaine Tingles.

Sam: “In the war, our people were terrified of the trench grease but those stupid clowns on the other side were lovin it. Before the end, I loved it to. Loved it so much, I gave my heart. I made everything around me bleed and now it’s happening all over again.”


(Defusing the bomb)

Teff: (jokingly) Always knew you had a good heart Sam.

Sam: Hurry – help me remove the core. We have to defuse this bomb.

Teff: It’s stuck…

(fumbling sounds)

Sam/Teff (together/surprised): Did you just kiss me!?


Sam: I get it! I’m not the Lane’s perfect soldier! Maybe I never was! Maybe I never could be!…But look at what I AM – a girl with a gun trying to shoot a little straighter.

Coach: Evers, I taught you everything you know about The game called Tarantula. You can be more than the best heckin the game called Tarantula player I have ever seen. like i am more than your childhood coach. Hold too tight and you drop the ball, you know that. I think you dropped your mother’s rifle a long time ago. Now the war is over and you’re holding on tight to that memory. Maybe it’s time to drop it. The war is in the past – who is Evers after?


Gurry: Sam you have to know i never meant it to come to this, i just wanted my damn block back. They said if i didn’t do this we all would die!

Sam: You’re afraid to die!?! After this you will never be able to look in the mirror and see yourself alive. You’ve killed everything that was left of the Gurry I knew. Sure I changed my heart for metal but you swapped yours for gold. Goodbye Gurry, this is the way I live.


Sam: My heart contains the only Phantom Reactor for miles! It’s the only way Teff!

Teff: This bomb is too big! It will destroy your heart too!

Sam: Its a gonna be a tight fit putting my heart in here. Just like the Game Called Tarantula! It’s what I trained for! I am the best! Shells and Flesh! I can save them!

Teff: You can’t do this, Samamthy!?

Sam: I can’t lose Märchen Lane again.

Teff: Haven’t we both given up enough for their wars? I can’t lose you again! Not after…

Sam: I’m sorry, Teff.

Gurry: Step away from the bomb, Evers

Sam: Like hex, Gurry. I’ve got a big heart – you can’t stop me and you can’t stop it!

Teff: He’s got your Mom’s gun!

(Scuffle fx)

Sam: Teff!

Teff: Go, I’m fine. Do what you have to…and Sam…

Sam: Don’t, I can’t. Not now.

(Electrical Discharge fx)

Teff: …I love you…

Ending Monologue

“Our old house, 809 Märchen Lane, won’t ever feel like home again. I doubt anywhere will, but the places are never why you care. It isn’t the buildings you fight for – it’s who you remember there (Maudlin Music) –

…a father

(Harolt: Put the gun back, Sam’a)

…a brother

(Bulp: Are you bringing Mom back home, sis?)

…a girl you liked

(Teff: See you after boot camp!)

…even the ones you lost

(Mom: Sam’a – I need you to be strong for your father.)

(line from each played over top pause)

They’re what I was protecting and the reason I came back. I didn’t find what I’d hoped – not on the front and not when I returned. I found memories, heartbreak, and regret – but I also found love and one last fight.

So, this is me…after I came home and fought a new war, after I was a soldier. Evers after.”