Evers After Season 2

Supercut and Script. (this is part of the in world show. You should listen to the regular show to understand.)

S02e01 Open on everyone mourning Sam immediately following season 1 ending, teff refuses to believe Sam is gone – there is no body. The front moves away cause the bomb was defeated. Sam drifting unconscious in the Leylines/in the Vale (Sam was thrown into the Feywild/Fade/Astral Plane/etc). (Last scene of the episode) Bulp and Tef arguing about what Samamthy would’ve wanted Mom returns. “You’re arguing over a grave, but you can’t bury her. Teffary is right. Sammy’s not dead – just lost, but I hope not too lost. We don’t have much time.”

Random Old: You, you’re the Evers mother aren’t you?

Mom: Who’s asking?

Random Old: You don’t recognize me? Both of my boys are gone, and now you don’t even care?! But you even watched them when they were young, you…

Mom: Babysat them? Maybe I’m done watching over everyone else’s babies. Maybe it’s time I made sure mine were safe.

Random Old: How dare you, Mom Evers! You were an officer in the Mas Wars! You have responsibilities you can’t just…

Mom: Run away? I’m done running!

Sam: Next time on Evers After: Celebrity talk host Mews Carinary makes a special guest appearance as trial reporter Trishish Ishingtrish

Sam: Being…gone. I can’t bear it. It’s just all so much. It’s a real whole lot. Why won’t you talk to me Momma, I’m here Momma…right in front of you. Seems like a million years since we left for the front. And now I’m real dead. Chucko’s real dead too Momma. His head chewed all up like in a sausage maker. You remember? And we all cried like a sausage strainer, didn’t we? Didn’t we?

Mom: We representatives of block council hereby pass the following judgement. Gurry is banished to 902 Marchen Lane cul de sac until further notice.

Gurry: This was a farce! None of you were there with that big bomb! I was saving EVERYONE!

Tef: No, I was!

ALL: (Gasp)

Mews: “GASP”! Did you hear that everybody?!

Tef: You weren’t on right side of the big bomb then, and you aren’t on this side of the street now!

Tef: There’s no body! It’s not even legal to bury her!

Harolt: This is hard for all of us, Tef. We loved her more than anything, but it’s time to face facts. Samamthy is gone.

Tef: You don’t understand Mr. Evers! I can’t just let her go like a sack of buried trash! I won’t!

Harolt: Not Trash, Tef. Treasure. Heart Treasure.

Tef: I can’t…not after the accident…

Harolt: I can stall the others for a day, but tomorrow is Samma’s birthday. You need to deliver her flowers then.

Mews: Greetings, everyone. Im reporter Mews Carinary playing Trishish Ishingtrish. I’m reporting on a most unusual situation! A SHERIFF is being accusing of doing a BIG BOMB! If true this could be a landslide for justice! And what happens when a Sheriff is embroiled in a scandal of this latitude! More with me! Mews Carinary as Trishish Ishingtrish! When we return!

Mom: Harolt.

Harolt: (breath taken away) Mrs. Evers….darling. I missed you.

Mom: Not now, we have to move quickly if we’re going to save Samma.

Harolt: But how?!

S02e02 (Apologies) Gurry’s trial and reckoning, Mews Carinary guest stars as a “reporter/documentarian” to record the trial, Gurry is exiled to the cul de sac but remains the sheriff, Sam and teff get closer – Teff seems hesitant, Harolt and mom reunion – harolt treats p much all characters the same way as Sam, eg no hard feelings ever.

Gurry: I’m still in charge here! You can’t take sheriff from me!

Mom: You have been stripped of your duties, Gurry. You are sheriff in name only.

Gurry: Sheriff is in my family blood. It’s who I am, Evers!

Mom: Tef, I trust you can deliver him to the dead end without issue?

Tef: I’m not a Mailmin for nothing. Hope you enjoy sheriffing the cul de sac, deputy.

Sam: Next time on Evers After:

Sam: Momma. We can be together again. All of us. You, me, Bulp, Dad, Tef, little Reinholt and Scruffins. One moment. It’s all fast! Time zooming like it’s on a river flood! I never smelled flowers and now I’m delivered all the flowers!

  • I can’t! It’s too much!
  • Dead-time is crushing! Take me back! Please take me back! Goodbye Grover’s corner! Goodbye Moon! Goodbye little old lady whispering hush! Oh, mittens, oh kittens…you’re too wonderful for RL! Do any human beings ever realize life is going on – every, every…every, every minute?

(in the Yon)

Sam: Ow, my head!

Mom: Samamthy, focus on my voice.

Sam: Mom? I feel all crunched up – is this…are we…Dead time?

Mom: It’s nowhere and everywhere, it has too many names to list, but don’t worry my lil Ticker, it’s nearly home time.

Mom: I summon by the ancient power of the Hexxen!

Sam: (yon sfx) Mom?

Mom: (yon sfx womp, womping in and out) Through the winding haze of the yonder, across the gates of Illudysevfi, lifted by the winds of the nine! Check the time my lil Ticker and hurry home! It’s long past your bedtime.

Sam: Tef! I’m back from Dead time!


Tef: I’m sorry I didn’t get you anything for your birthday.

Sam: Sure you did, Tef. You delivered me flowers.

Tef: Oh, Sam, those were supposed to be for your grave!

(Both laugh)

S02e03 (Kids) It’s Sam’s birthday. Reunion and revival prep. Gurry is seen sneaking around one of the abandoned homes on far end of the road. Episode starts with Sam’s return. Mom bring Sam back (using moms love and lovers love) “calls her back with spell(dramatic whisper?)”, moves into a house or two over from everyone, Teff and Sam re-union – indirectly reference kiss.

Tef: I thought you left me, Sam!

Sam: Im back forever this time. We..(Bulp cuts off) need to talk

Bulp: Takes more than that to put an Evers down for good, right sis!

Sam: Of course it does, Bulp. We…(Bulp cuts off) need to talk.

Bulp: Mom’s the best, huh!? I wanna be a Hexxen like her when I get real old.

Mom: Real old? If you’re planning on getting any older you better watch that mouth!

Harolt: Oh, Bulp, you know that only our girls can be Hexxens when they grow up.

Bulp: Oh…that’s a bummer, Dad! Sorry, Mom!

Harolt: I’m so glad you’re back, Samma. I knew you and your Mom could do it. I’m so proud of you both.

Mom: I think Sam and Tef could use some time to talk.

Sam: Next Time on Evers After

Sam: Finally, life was getting back to normal. Mom had finally returned from the front, I’d finally returned from the Yon and I was finally reunited with Tef. It was almost enough to make me finally forget about my days on the front. Finally. But for everything the war takes, it gives away too. Gives a feeling that something wasn’t right. I couldn’t shake the feeling that the feeling wasn’t over. War feelings. But then, sometimes it’s hard to tell, where one war stops and another one stops.

Sam: What’s wrong Bulp? You look like you saw a ghost!

Bulp: I think I saw somebody, maybe Gurry, this side of the Cul de Sac, lurkin round the ole haunted Pigklesworth place!

Tef: That’d be soooo like him.

Sam: Gurry is such a jerk sometimes. Ghosts would be right up his alley.

Tef: I’d like to stuff some ghosts right up his alley!

Bulp: Yeah!

Sam: Bulp!

Mew: A NEW neighbor in the Cul de Sac. Fascinating! Hello! Hello! Sir, if i could just have a word.

Chimera: No Cameras! Get the microphone out of my face! I said, no cameras!

(door slam)

Mew: You heard it here first, only from Mews Carinary playing Trishish Ishingtrish! “No Cameras!”

Tef: I’m sorry, Sam…it’s just…

Sam: What’s wrong, Tef?

Tef: You don’t know how it was after the Big Bomb. Just me, Bulp, and Harolt and some old lady wandering around. You left us. You left me.

Sam: What’s that supposed to mean? It’s not like I just skipped town.

Tef: But don’t you see?! It’s exactly like that. It’s just like when you left for Wartime.


Gurry: I knew I smelled the smell of stench in my Cul de Sac.

Chimera: I never…


Chimera: Gurry…

Gurry: You haven’t earned the right to call me that! Call me Sheriff or call me nothing! Or call me Sheriff nothing!

Mews: Hello, Hello…If I could just get a statement!

Gurry: No Comment! Can we talk inside….monster?

S02e04 (Like you mean it)Teff/Sam big fight, Chimera arrives and moves into a house – declines interview. Gurry warns the Chimera there better not be any trouble.

*(Throughout muffled background Mews: “Hello? Just a few words! Hello. Minute of your time!” Etc)

Chimera: Who even is that?

Gurry: Some reporter from the trial….Something like iterations of “Trish” or Mews Something? I wasn’t formally introduced.

Chimera: Anyway, you were saying?

Gurry: (sudden escalation) You better not make trouble. I may be an exile of the dead end, but I’m still sheriff. Nothing you can ever do will change that. Nothing evers. My mind’s made up forever as far as that goes. This is my block, and I run troublemakers straight out of town! There’s nothing you could reveal or say that would change my mind. So don’t you dare reveal any secrets or try to make me change my mind!

Sam: Next time, on Evers After:

Sam: Those who don’t learn are doomed to repeat the same mistake. And just when you think it’s all behind you, a bombshell comes crashing back down at your new normal. Seems like it’s always a bomb. And it’s always big. Sometimes all it takes to get to the bottom of what set it off is a simple question. Looking back, the only question I have is “Did I do at all?”

Mews: Is the camera (CAM-er-ah) on?! Is it on? Are we live!? Fabulous! We are here with a special on the scene, people on the street, out live in on the most famous block in the whole, entire 4th war! Merchen Lane! And I have with me the biggest surprise guest in the history of big! That’s right, people! The one and only Samamthy Evers’s one and only Mom! Returned just in time for my very special, special “Walking views with Talking on Mews Carinary playing Trishish Ishingtrish!”

Mom: Hi, Mews. I really need to get back (cut off) to tell Samma something deadly important.

Mews: Soooooo….where to start?! It’s all so much!

Mews: You left during the Fourth War correct?

Mom: I was conscripted, Hexxen are traditionally pre-drafted, but that’s someone else’s story…

Mews: Conscripted how?

Mom: In more ways than one. They knew it was the only way we would fight…..to protect our family.

Mews: And you did well in the wars?

Mom: How can you do well in a war time? There’s no winner, just the last one standing.

Mews: Then did you do good? I’m asking what you would tell me if I asked you that.

Mom: I left to lead a monster away, from my daughter, from my block, from my…Family. I’m afraid monsters found them anyway. The rest is history.

Mews: The rest is history…..no more powerful words spoken…everything that isn’t now or the future is history people!

S02e05 (WSPN NDA breaking) – Mews interview of War hero mom transitions into flashback episode – mom flashbacks: Young Teff/Bulp, romantic Harolt, Discovering the Chimera, Fighting with the Chimera, Leaving, Racing the Chimera back to Merchen Lane.

Mews: The bomb is gone, and the warfront has moved passed us, but the matriarch of the Evers is forever! Nothing can stop her….ever! Truer words were never spoken…Unstoppable! Mrs Evers! You fell in love! You raised two beautiful children! You learned of an ancient unknowable power and a darkness that seeks to subsume it as it’s own! You led that darkness away from your family in a hopelessly unstoppable gesture! If ever the word was applicable, it’s here and now! Unstoppable! Strong women are unstoppable!

Sam: Next time on Evers After: Mom reveals a unknown hidden secret to me, I wonder what it could be! Meanwhile, Gurry is up to his old tricks – but with this new-found power, I know I won’t let Mom down, even if we aren’t exactly seeing eye to eye. I just wish Tef could see my side of things for once.

Mom: I’m a Hexxen, Sam. And when you were born the “Hex,” that is “magic,” passed to you – in your blood.

Sam: Huh, Magic!? You mean like “pick a card any card?”

Mom: No, that’s kid stuff. I mean real Hex.

Sam: This is giving me a headache….like sawing people in half?

Mom: No, real magic….from your heart. The power that brought you back from the Yonder wasn’t just a dream, Sam.

Sam: Oof! Mom, my noggin is still aching from Dead Time!

Mom: Just breathe it in –  the Hex is a part of you. Let your mind reach out to its possibilities. It’s all real. Do you sense it? Sammy. Ohio…mesopotamia, baseball

Sam (whispering w/ Mom): Baseball

Mews: (also whispering) You heard it here first, people! Baseball!

Gurry: Next time, meditate with this in mind: No magic allowed in the Cul de Sac

Sam: I was just practicing.

Gurry: No practicing either!

Sam: And anyway, it’s not magic, It’s Hex!

Gurry: You can argue your semantics with the county clerks office ticket window!

Tef: Maybe you just need to focus better?

Sam: That’s the problem! I can’t focus. That reporter lady keeps interrupting to ask how magic feels.

Tef: I don’t see her now, maybe she’s on break. If you’re fast, you might have enough time.

Sam: Don’t rush me, Tef!

Sam: All the electrical impulse striations from my cyber-heart must have been repressing my Hex…and when Tef decided to remove the Phantom reactor…

Mom: (prodding her to continue) Yes?

Sam: There was nothing holding it back…

Mom: The casing is still suppressing it some my little Ticker, no one can say how much.

Sam: But, Mom, my robot heart isn’t even active without a Phantom Reactor installed?

Mom: Hex is sensitive to the tiniest thing. Even selfishness can be incredibly dangerous. You’re lucky you didn’t do permanent damage with that robot heart implant stunt of yours.

Sam: (dramatic realization) Then you mean… Hex would have saved me all along?

S02e06 (Magic) – Mom reveals to Sam that she’s a Hexxen, Mews wanders around like a kid at a fireworks display, Gurry tickets Sam/Mom for unauthorized magic (they’re practicing in the cul de sac), Sam/Mom arguments about heart of magic/metal, you can’t use magic for selfish reasons (it will explode)

Tef: I don’t like it.

Sam: What’s that supposed to mean?

Tef: This Hecken stuff, Sam. It’s dangerous, all this whizbang, mumbojumbo whatzit new magic. I just want our old magic back. I don’t like this…

Sam: New me? And it’s “Hexxen,” Tef. Anyways, you heard Mom; this is in my blood.  If you don’t like it…maybe you should just ask yourself what you could even ever could like! Bleh!

Sam: Next time on Evers After:

Sam: The Evers family back together. I finally have a chance to reconnect with my family’s heritage and learn what it means to be a Hexxen! But now Tef and I are drifting apart. We have our childhoods in common, that’s more than most. And then there was the 4th War. Always the war. We both saw War Time. And both of us came back changed. I keep wondering…what if we’re very much too much changed? What if what we had…is just that.

Mom: Something feels wrong in the winds.

Bulp: What do you mean, Mom?

Harolt: Yes Mrs Evers, darling. Sam and Bulp are here. Everyone is here. We’re all finally back together.

Bulp: Nothing could be any perfect-er….Cept maybe another bowl uh ice cream!

Harolt: Better book an appointment to get that sweet tooth of yours checked out, Bulp – it might be terminal! (chuckles) it’s getting late, why don’t you head upstairs? I think your Mother may be on to something…

Bulp: But why did you have to leave, Mom?

Mom: Oh, Bulp. I’m so sorry I left. I never wanted go to War Time, but it was too dangerous to stay.

Sam: Dangerous?

Mom: Because of Chimeras. Chimeras have to accept to any sport challenge.

Bulp: What?

Sam: I don’t understand (Mom cuts her off) sport challenge?

Mom: You will (audibly smiles knowingly).

(Sam keeps trying to talk more, Mom keeps cutting her off w/ knowing “You will” s.)

Tef: How’s family game night been going?

Sam: It’d be a lot better if you’d join in like you used to. Bulp misses your jokes and I know Mom would like to see more of you around the house.

Tef: Nah, I’ve just been really busy with my own family game nights. Just wish, my mom and dad were still here to enjoy em. Anyway, I’m right in the middle of setting up a partcheesi, so I better get back to. Inside. My house. At 813 Merchin lane.

Sam: You know you’re welcome…

Tef: Welcome to what? Watch some other family be happy together?

Sam: You are my family.

Tef: Oh right, cause everyone abandons their family.

Sam: Mine are right where I left them.

*Mom: Bulp, have you seen my gun?

Bulp: No, I didnt take it or anything.

Harolt: This time…

(All laugh)

Sam: You’re still not off the hook for that Bulp.

S02e07 (Family) – Evers family back together (Sam, Harolt, Mom, Bulp) and happy family time, Mom moves back into family home, Mews awkwardly inserts herself into the Family reunion/home dynamic – everyone is confused by her presence. Teff feels alone/left out,  Teff moves an extra house away from Sam, confessional interviews with Mews. Sam asks about things she saw in the Yon.

Mom: Sam, there’s one thing you must promise me.

Sam: What is it, Mom?

Mom: Promise me.

Sam: I will, but what is it?

Mom: Promise.

Sam: Promise?

Mom: You have to promise, Sam!

Sam: Ok

Mom: You need to say it, Sam!

Sam: Is it about being a Hexxen?

Mom: I need your word, Sam. A Promise

Sam: Is it to never use my powers selfishly or I’ll risk becoming the very monster that Hexxens are sworn to fight?

Mom: Yes, that promise. It’s that one.

Sam: Promise me I’ll never have to.

Mom: I can’t do that…

Sam: Next Time on Evers After:

Sam: This street nearly escaped the war. We were so close. So close to the front, I could see it from the roof. But Tef and I still can’t put our weapons down. It’s like our hands move on their own…and say things we can’t take back. We just can’t stop the fighting. (aside-ish) And apparently Bulp can’t let a sleeping dog lie.

Bulp:  It’s a new person on our block and if I learned anything from you, who are my Mom and Dad, is how to be a good neighbor.

Mom: Cul de Sac people aren’t good neighbors, son. They are monsters.

Harolt: Not all monsters are monsters. Right, Mrs. Evers?

Mom: (scoldingly) Harolt! Not in front of Bulp. (To Bulp) The cul de sac is a special sort of problem.

(Knock Knock)

Bulp: Hello, Mister. I brought you a block gift for welcome time..

Chimera: A gift or a warning?

Bulp: It’s my best Tarantula glove! Mom says I can’t use it no more on account of when I got a broken collarbone.

Chimera: You’ve certainly brought me a gift child, but not the one you intended!

Bulp: Ah! Whad-re-ya doin, mister?!

Chimera: I’m afraid I can’t have anyone else learning of my arrival…OR…my TRUE IDENTITY AS I AM THE ONE WHO IS THE CHIMERA!

Bulp: Watch it, mister…I’m gonna scream whatever you said!

(pain sounds)

Tef: Chimera, you know you may have captured Bulp, but don’t know this is over!

Sam: Just wait til Mom gets here!

Chimera: You may have succeeded in warning your precious Mom, but know that I know an unknown hidden secret you have little to no knowledge of!


Gurry: What could that be!??

S02e08 (Factions) – Bulp goes over to say hi to the chimera despite Mom/Dads warnings, “They can’t know who i am”, chimera chase, Bulp is held hostage. Bulp won’t get off the hook for this one. Mom comes to rescue Bulp. Chimera/Mom stand off scene. Mom challenges it to a game of Tarantula. Mews awkwardly leverages herself into the role of the referee after a blatant reference to bringing back “Coach” (Blan Tingles)

a.            Intro synopsis for 9 = Mews carinary tries to get to the bottom of the identity of the mysterious new neighbor – the CHIMERA! Sam and Mom prepare for the greatest challenges of their respective the Game called Tarantula careers, and there are rumblings of a super secret special guest who may be lending a hand!

Chimera: Mrs Mom Evers. We are so happy to see you. Bulp especially, I’m sure.

Mom: You shouldn’t be here. I pulled the Yonder down on your head and set Grease Fields aflame to make sure you couldn’t follow me back.

Chimera: Bulp was just telling me about the block, how everyone settled down and how peaceful it was.

Mom: That’s none of your business anymore.

Chimera: What do you know of my business, Evers!

Mom:  Spellhex en Furaste… I invoke the contest of the Hexxen, the old challenge way.

Chimera: (gasp) Dang! Okay, I mean I can’t turn that down.

Mom: No disqualifications, double strap match. This Sunday. The Game called Tarantula.

Chimera: I’ll bring my new glove.

Mom: You’ll need it.

Bulp: Hey, that’s my glove!

Sam: Next Time on Evers After, a special celebrity guest appearance:

Sam: I can’t believe it. Bulp ran off and got himself caught by the very monster Mom was trying to protect us from for all these years. Don’t think he’s getting off the hook for this one! But more importantly, he’s still captured and we have to win a the Game called Tarantula match to save him. I think I may need to call in a favor from one of my old friends…Coach!

Blan: Mews! How long’s it been since I’ve seen the world’s most premium talk show host!

Mews: Oh, Blan Tingle, you poor dear…you didn’t hear?

Blan: Didn’t hear? Don’t tell me they actually cancelled that entrancing show of yours!

Mews: Coach. Was. Cut. Can you believe it!? Those writers all snip snip, different direction, snip, more compelling, snippity snip! Before you know it, no more lines for the acclaimed Actor/entrepreneur Blan Tingles!

Blan: But, I had lunch with Loffy Spellingberg just yesterday!

Mews: You know that’s the executive producer! And he didn’t even tell you? How disrespectful! What a slap in the face! You should call him and say how that makes you feel!

Blan: Maybe I’ll just run lines while I wait for that call back.

Mews: That seems like a huge waste of time, people!

*Blan: You’re going to have to use the Turlington back gambit! Do you remember? (reading sam’s line) Of course, I do…Got it Coach. One other thing you have to remember, kid. What you mean to everyone here. We all believe in you, the whole block. Your mom let us take on this Chimera because she knew we were the block’s best bet, but I’m just an old man past his prime with way too much advice. You’re the one with the skills. So get out there Evers. Get out there and give that chimera Hex.

Mews: Perfect. I was just talking to Mr Spellingberg on my little ole walky talky that’s somewhere and he says that was perfect and the audio is in the can and he wouldn’t change it for the confluence. They’re even pulling the video from stock footage! Isn’t technology FABULOUS!

S02e09 (Friends) – Entire episode about Mews carinary trying to get an interview with the Chimera, Mews makes Blan leave set because “his part was recast” ?Possible Mews Diva moment when the rest of the cast try to continue the episode normally?

a.            Next time on done by Mews (only one): Next time on “Evers After!” Mews Carinary saves the day with her quick wits and even quicker quips! Everyone loves my show! You are up. For. a. Whiz. Bang! The Game. Called. Tarantula. Game! I can’t hardly wait! Who will win? Whoever does, I (Mews Carinary) will be there on the scene to give you the first hand accounts of the thrill of victory and the hospice of defeat! Only on “Evers After: CARINARY On!”

i. This show is only called Evers After: Carinary On. From this point.

ii.Can also just blatantly do exposition as Mews talking about the fiction of the show in the next time on blerb.

iii.Need actual shows’ next time on scenes

Sam: Mom you don’t know The Game called Tarantula like i do!

Mom: Like Coach does you mean. Sam, he’s not here to assist with the Game called Tarantula ruleset!

Sam: Don’t doubt me! I’ve spent days playing The Game called Tarantula.

Mom: And Coach has always been over your shoulder. On the roads I’ve walked there are no more shoulder coaches.

Sam: You’ve got to let me do this! We can’t lose you again!

Mom: My lil ticker, as long as you’re safe, I am never losed.

Sam: Next time on Evers After (crossfade into mews’ next time on)

Mews (only one): Next time on “Evers After!” Mews Carinary saves the day with her quick wits and even quicker quips! Everyone loves my show! You are up. For. a. Whiz. Bang! The Game. Called. Tarantula. Game! I can’t hardly wait! Who will win? Whoever does, I (Mews Carinary) will be there on the scene to give you the first hand accounts of the thrill of victory and the hospice of defeat! Only on “Evers After: CARINARY On!”

Tef: (Mumbles) This is so much blood

Bulp: Please, Mr. Chimera! Not my Momma – Have a heart!


Mews: 2 points – Chimera!

(Mom yells in pain)

Sam: Mom! No!

Chimera: Tell me, Mrs. Evers, is this your first time playing the Game Called Tarantula?

Mom: Yes, but not my last.

Chimera: What are you trying to say?

Mom: It won’t be MY last!

Chimera: So you think this will be my last?

Mom: Well it won’t be my last.

Chimera: Mine either!

Mews: Its time for the Game Called Tarantula to the death!

(fx: squeaky shoes on gym floor)

Mom: Tef, I am well towards Dead time and my lil Ticker is taking over in the Game called Tarantula.

Tef: What can I do to help Sam?

Mom: You must drink it! All of my blood.

Tef: Huh? Slow down – I’m just a simple Mailmin!

Mom: You need to drink my blood. To get my powers. To help.

Tef: Woah, that’s alot to take in.

Mom: Quick, Tef drink up all my blood, before the power gets out!

(Slurping sounds)

Chimera: Cower as I score all of the points! You will soon follow your Mother’s fate!

Sam: Over my dead body.

Chimera: Yes! Over it! Triumphantly! Standing!

Mom: Faster, Tef! All of the blood! Don’t miss some!

Sam: Tef, I can’t believe you did that.

Tef: You mean saved you? You’re welcome by the way.

Sam: No, I mean use all those Hexxen blood powers selfishly. It’s too dangerous – like…I dunno. Like a virus, or a big bomb!

Tef: Humph! Nice lecture, Miss overnight doctorate of sorcery. I guess it’s too bad your dissertation wasn’t on saving Moms.

S02e10 (Religion) – Sam and teff argue and “say things they don’t mean,” the tarantula game happens. Mom is mortally wounded during the game and Sam tags in. “Quick Tef drink up all my blood, before the power gets away” – Mom transfers power to Tef to save her “Take care of my little girl.”Mews interviews/referees. Harolt reveals this is the chimera/Gurry’s dad (Harolt is only half chimera Gurry’s dad’s fraternal twin brother). Tef uses her magic to win and the chimera dies. Bulp is freed. Sam is not happy – Selfish use of magic. It nearly exploded. Teff argues that she was using it for Bulp.

Gurry:I told you not to make trouble, see what it’s got you? Limping off to my cul de sac to die like a god…I mean dog.

Chimera: Gurry, we must be quick

Gurry: Your face…

Chimera: My powers are quickly fading – My Chimera face is sloughing and my other face is revealed

Gurry: But you look like?

Chimera: Yes, my son?

(pause, possibly w/ Chimera heavy death breathing)

Gurry: FATHER!!?!?!?!

Sam: Next Time on evers after, Carinary On:

Sam: Fallout from the previous episode. Gurry reveals a secret and his murderous alter-ego! Gurry steals Mom’s gun and uses it to shoot Dad! I hope I’ve had enough practice to Hex people back to life!  At least as long as I’m around we still have a fighting chance! As if that’s not enough he kills everyone and corners Tef. War is bad.

Gurry: Surprise, Uncle Harolt! I’m the Chimera now!

Harolt: I see you’re the one who stole Mrs. Evers gun, Gurry. Just put it down son.

Gurry: SON?! Don’t you mean…NEPHEW!?! Did you really think you could hide your Half-chimera blood from me!

Harolt: Losing your father all over again…you must be hurting Gurry. Talk to me, nephew.

Mews: Please do. What’s your inside take on this! With Mews Carinary!

Gurry: My only father, Sheriff Chimera, already told me everything I need to know!

Harolt: Not everything. He never told you, “If hate you choose, you’ll always lose!”


Harolt: (groan) You’ll never defeat…our girls.

Gurry: Give it up Evers. Unless you want to lose your precious Mailmin lover.

Tef: Gurry, you’re a bitch!

Sam: Not helping, Tef!

Gurry: As if she could do anything to help you now.

Sam: You’ve killed my whole family, attacked everything I’ve ever loved. You claim to be the sheriff, the protector of this block: all you’ve ever accomplished is tearing neighbors apart and setting them at each other’s throats. I can’t even tell if you’re human (Tef cut in) anymore.

Tef: Gurry’s a bitch!

Gurry: Do you even know what a chimera even is, Teffary? Our insides are magic stuff too, but we don’t just let the Hex sit in our hearts like the Hexxen. We seek it, find it, devour it, all the magic, yum yum…just. like. you. did. But you don’t have the bloodline of a Chimera or a Hexxen do you? You know…the ancient Hexxens had a word for usurpers such as yourself….(kakarot-ly) Heretic!

S02e11 (Vacation) – Fallout from all of episode Tef and Sam make up and say sorry. Gurry: “I’m a the chimera now” Kills Bulp for no good reason. “You welcomed him to the neighborhood!” ?Some people get killed/Magic’ed back to life?  Gurry steals Mom gun (surprise, it’s an anti-chimera gun) and uses it to shoot Harolt and steal his half-chimera powers. Kills Sam, wounds Tef and corners everyone.

Gurry: Tisk tsk, turning like this on a childhood chum. I never took you for such a fair weather friend, Teffary.

Tef: I always knew you were a monster! Now die like one.

Gurry: Harolt, Bulp, Sam and that one old lady have already fallen by my hand. Also Mom and my Dad got killed. But I guess you’re still feeling…left out in the rain.

Tef: Neither Rain nor snow nor heat nor gloom of night will stay this mailmin from the swift completion of your ass to grass!

Gurry: Your stolen power is fading – you’ll be able to join your precious neighbors soon enough.

Tef: We’re not just neighbors, we’re a famerly!

Sam: Next Time on Evers After: Carinary On

Sam: Teff brings Sam back by using Sams moms power and also believing in herself and bring the fight to Gurry. There’s not much time to make things right! And what about the neighbors Gurry has already defeated. Don’t miss the exciting conclusion to…(pause, slow down) Something’s missing? It feels like a dream where someone has the wrong face. You know?

Tef: You’re still on the wrong side of this street, Gurry!

Sam: And you should’ve looked both ways before you crossed us!

Tef: You’re wrong about me Gurry, I’m not just some magical mistake! Mom gave her powers on purpose! I am a Hexxen too, beyond heretic!

Gurry: No! Too. much. power for a Heretic! Could this too be…Hexxen as well?!?!?

Gurry: It doesn’t matter if you resurrect the whole world, Teffary. I’ve engorged myself on Hex –  too much magic Hex spell to ever be defeated.

Sam: Tef, you don’t have Hexxen or Chimera guts! Your heart won’t be able to handle too much magic!

Tef: My heart handled losing you. It can handle this.

Sam: But, I thought…

Tef: Oh, Sam. You shitbird. I never didn’t love you!

s02e12 (Enemies) – Teff brings Sam back (uses Sams moms power). Sam and Teff still get knocked around. Samamthy tears out what remains of her own robot heart to power up and believes in the heart of the cards (“quickened”) to defeat the chimera. (somehow using the unexploded bomb from season 1?) Tef has a final monologue which is ruined by an interview from Mews Carinary. Teff Jedi vanishes (Mews narrates inappropriately).

Gurry: You’ll never defeat me! With my chimera powers, i can absorb your Hex and turn it on it’s head! Give it up, Evers!

Sam: Really? Try absorbing this!

Tef: Remind you of anything, Gurry?

(gasp) (sword *shing)

Gurry: The Big BOMB!? But how? I can’t believe it, it’s impossible!

Sam/Tef: Return to sender!

(Big bomb noise, other banging, exploding and metal clanking noises)

Tef: (weakly and randomly coughing from here on out) ooof uuh ow oof.

(Tef collapses sound)

Sam: Tef! Tef!

Tef: Did we get him?

Sam: (cryingly) Yeah, Tef…we did. Gurry exploded plenty big.

Tef: I couldn’t drink all of your moms blood…I’m sorry, it’s all my fault…Think I have to go now…

Sam: (More cryingly) You drank plenty, Tef…plenty. More than anybody else could’ve…

Tef: Evers…I’m sorry I said (Mews cuts in – Tef/Sam fade out as Mews fades in) that you left us Sam. I should’ve known you’d never really leave. In your heart you were always with us and you always come back. But I think, where I’m going…You know there is no ‘back,’ not for a Heretic like me. Gurry was right, I shouldn’t have drank all that blood. I just couldn’t lose you again…

Mew: Oh, OH! My sweet based on a true story T’pot! Sheriff Gurry Chimera has been blown to bits by their heart power! And now, look! Tef is disappearing, like a see-through like ghost! Just exactly like Mom Evers did! An amazing coincidence! Listen to this deeply moving moment as Teffary shares her last lingering words with Samamthy Evers! Everyone is in shock, amazing! What poetry and eloquence! The bomb is really gone this time, all Chimeras are defeated but Samamthy is forever! Nothing can stop her….ever! Strong women are non-stoppable! A truer word was never spoken…non-stoppable!


This time, Tef left me. I guess it was her turn.

We should have been better to each other when we had our second second chance.

I’ve heard it said – before you fight a war, you better know what you’re fighting for. We were too accustomed to fighting anything and everything, but we never took the time to ask why we were still fighting.

I hope Tef has finally found the peace she always fought for. I’d like to think she did.

But it wasn’t just us fighting and in the end wasn’t just for us.

We fought…

because of a Chimera,

(Mews begins fading in around here – see below)

(Sheriff Chimera: I’m a Chimera!)

And because of when Gurry became a Chimera,

(Chimera Gurry: Now, I’M THE CHIMERA!)

And a family reunited

(Bulp: Finally all back together with Mom and I’m SOOOOOO happy!)

And a family divided

(Tef: Okay, now it’s Mom’s turn (sfx: Dice roll > Heavy sigh))

And another Chimera

(Harolt: Now I am a Half-chimera!)

Then is Bulp’s a Chimera?

(Bulp: Finally all back together with Mom and I’m SOOOOOO happy!)

Was Tef something too?

(Tef: See you after boot camp!)

And I’m part chimera?

(Sam: This is me…after I came home and fought a new war. Evers After. Carinary On.)


How inspiring! So many come together to protect themselves and them other selves!

Such a moving and motivating story, it just makes you feel like you could take on a whole world!

During my entire interview with Evers After: Carinary On, one thing became clear!

Strong women are not stoppable! Even against monsters and cryptozoological threats to their neighborhoods!

Unstoppable, people!

Well, that’s all the time we have for today!

So now here’s what I know Samamthy would want you all to hear so badly, for you all to take away from this:

Are you ready?!

Just…”Never give up!” Never give up!

Just like Samamthy Evers, I’m a strong woman and strong women are not stoppable!

Never give up!

Truer words have never been spoken

“Give up!” people!

Everyone loves my new show where I’m UNSTOPPABLE!

Everyone loves: “Evers after! Carinary On!”